Are You Confused, Overwhelmed, and Looking for Answers?

Do You Crave Clarity, Direction and Confirmation about Your Next Steps?

Are there life changes or challenges coming up that you aren’t sure how to handle? Have you been experiencing turmoil and feeling conflicted no matter which way you turn? Not sure how to find your path or stay on it? Perhaps you’re constantly longing to connect with your true self or loved ones who have crossed over?

Imagine going forward in your world with more confidence, clarity and peace of mind, really understanding what your next steps should be. What would it mean to you to have richer, fuller more meaningful relationships; shifting your business and finances in a more positive direction and receiving greater insights into your spiritual path and life purpose? What an advantage it would be to explore new opportunities in your career, relationships and business from the perspective of past life influences, blocks or hindrances to your progress.

With all the external stimuli in life we all tend to get our priorities confused, spend hours consumed with daily tasks of maintenance and forget to focus on the things that truly matter. We are all guilty of mindless activity; we often float around in an unconscious fog and require assistance to find focus and direction.

It doesn’t have to be that way, working with Laura, you can identify areas which you need to release, get in touch with and trust your own intuition and guidance. You can walk away from a session feeling relaxed, renewed, and confident in the process of life with a peaceful knowing that all is as it should be. You are now set back on the right path and headed in the right direction.

As an international Spiritual Counselor and Clairvoyant Medium, Laura has a laser like way of seeing relevant details in all the areas of your life. She is prescriptive in ways that feel like your own deepest knowing. Laura has an amazing capacity to see and outline the most positive life-affirming way forward. She is both a Seer and a Counselor. A refreshing combination!

We offer several unique services.  Spiritual Counselling Sessions to aid you with personal concerns and spiritual growth. And Spiritual Communications both Private and Group Sessions to assist you in connecting with loved ones who have crossed over. Laura also provides customized ongoing Counselling Programs to meet your individual needs and goals.

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Spiritual Counselling Session


Spiritual Counselling imageDo you want to gain clarity, direction, conformation and new perspectives on your life, relationships, business or life purpose? Laura provides a unique opportunity to gain insight into the areas of your life that are most important to you; family, relationships, career, finances, spiritual gifts, past life influences and blocks or hindrances to your progress.

Private Session: $125 CAD + GST (Canadian) 
Private Session: $125 USD (US & International)

Spirit Communications


CommunicationLaura works compassionately to provide a loving bridge between you and your loved ones who have crossed over. Most people find these messages to be extremely comforting and peace of mind and life affirming information is often the outcome. Love never dies! Our loved ones are not lost to us, they are merely transformed.

Private Session: $125 CAD + GST (Canadian)
Private Session: $125 USD (US & International)
Group Session:  By Special Arrangement Contact Laura

"An Evening with Spirit" is a wonderful way to get a group of friends and/or family together for a very Intimate, Loving and Enlightening couple of hours in the warmth and comfort of your own home. This is a lively interactive event. The evening begins with a Healing Grounding meditation, followed by Laura delivering messages from Spirit to their loved ones. Followed by a Question & Answer sessions were participants can ask questions about Spirit, mediumship, and their own gifts and guidance.

Gift Certificate


Gift of Insight

Looking for a truly unique and empowering gift for Birthday, Graduation, Birth of a child or the Holidays? Help your friends and family find clarity, direction, and new perspectives on their lives, relationships, careers, purpose and life paths. You will receive a Gift Certificate to place in a card.


Private Session: $125 CAD + GST (Canadian)
Name & Email of Recipient
Private Session: $125 USD (US & International)
Name & Email of Recipient


Important Information

The client is 100% responsible for their own actions or decisions based on their interpretation of any insights during readings/sessions.

You must be 18 years of age or older.

All readings and sessions are for personal and spiritual growth purposes, guidance and inner peace; they do not take the place of qualified health care or financial professionals.

Clients are responsible for all long distance phone charges.